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Directly update I/O module firmware image, showing details of the firmware download and flash operations.

These files contain important information about the update and the procedure for installing the update, including any special procedure for updating from an early firmware version to the latest version. For this example, the IP address of the HTTP server is .109 and the firmware file containing the update is named that is in the flash sub-directory on the server.

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Update firmware for the command target, showing details of the firmware download and flash operations.

The detailed information is not shown until the update is complete, which might take several minutes.

Some cluster solutions require specific code levels or coordinated code updates.

If the device is part of a cluster solution, verify that the latest level of code is supported for the cluster solution before you update the code.

If the item already exists, instead update the stock count of the existing item.

To do this without failing the entire transaction, use savepoints: BEGIN; -- other operations SAVEPOINT sp1; INSERT INTO wines VALUES('Chateau Lafite 2003', '24'); -- Assume the above fails because of a unique key violation, -- so now we issue these commands: ROLLBACK TO sp1; UPDATE wines SET stock = stock 24 WHERE winename = 'Chateau Lafite 2003'; -- continue with other operations, and eventually COMMIT;.

The sub-query must yield no more than one row when executed.

If it yields one row, its column values are assigned to the target columns; if it yields no rows, NULL values are assigned to the target columns.

Be careful when porting applications that use this extension.

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