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You should be aware that there are additional parts of the initialization sequence that Star GPS cannot perform.Fortunately, the keypad supplies these parameters even in the External Startup Mode.You can still have locations entered into the keypad, for quick setup at home without using Star GPS, but your time zone for ALL of your entered locations in the keypad must be set to "00" since the entered local time is UT.

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A single Alkaline AA can supply over 4 hours of continuous power and should last several months (unless you forget to unplug it).

For maximum battery life and cold weather operation we recommend using an Energizer AA Lithium battery.

Finally, a word of caution if you are using planetarium software along with Star GPS and the GTO Keypad.

DO NOT re-initialize the mount from any program on your PC, once you have initialized with the Star GPS / GTO Keypad combination.

These parameters include the tracking, guiding and slew rates; the backlash compensation settings for both RA and Dec; reticle brightness and focus speed; and the PEM state.

Also, if you are not using Star GPS, you can still proceed through the start-up by pressing the menu button as instructed on the keypad's display, and then proceeding to enter a location number and resuming from park or polar aligning.

Celestron Nex Star, Nex Star or Star Sense (SLT, SE, AS-GT, CGE, CGEM, GT, Evolution, i Series) Star GPS-NX requires a Nex Star (firmware version 2.3, 104.0 or 4.0 as displayed using the hand control “Utilities: Version” menu item), a Nex Star or a Star Sense hand control with RS232 port (will not work with newer handsets that have a USB port).

If you have a CGE Series mount you must use the "Utilities: RTC" menu item to disable use of the real time clock.

You can certainly use your favorite software, just like you normally would.

You can change individual parameters that are part of the initialization, like backlash compensation or tracking rate, but DO NOT send time and location data from the computer, and do not do a full initialization.

Specific Instructions: NOTE: You can disconnect the AA power cell at any time following step 9) but you should leave it connected for 20 minutes during the first use.

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