Chatsex venezuela - Updating garmin 430w nav data

There are several wiring changes that need to be made to make the Bendix King KAP-140 / KFC-225 autopilots and original Sandel SN3308 EHSI completely compatible with the WAAS upgraded units.

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In addition, aircraft with more recent glass cockpit technology (e.g.

EX5000 and G1000) have not been completely addressed for the WAAS upgrades.

There are several installation, certification, and operational subjects that must be adhered to before a proper WAAS upgrade can be completed.

For aircraft with dual GNS-400/500 series units, both units must be upgraded for the crossfill function to operate.

Lastly, the WAAS upgrade provides the ability to fly curved flight paths with a roll steering autopilot for pilots who wish to utilize DME arcs or full approaches.

The WAAS upgrade for the GNS-400/500 series units is not a 'plug and play' upgrade.

The original GNS-400/500 series installation guidelines only provided general suggested guidelines for the distance of the unit from the pilot's primary view.

Page 2- of the WAAS GNS-400/500 installation instructions is very specific in regards to the suggested guidelines for this distance.

A WAAS upgraded 400/500 series unit will not crossfill to a non-WAAS 400/500 series unit.

One subject that many people upgrading to WAAS may overlook involves the GPS navigators distance from the pilot's primary field of view.

Approach, arrival, control area, departure, Class B, Class C, TMA, TRSA-with sector, altitude and text usage info, also, ASOS, ATIS, AWOS, center, clearance delivery, ground, pre-taxi, tower, unicom, localizer and ILSPilot-defined Course Selection and Waypoint Hold, Closest Point of Approach, Departure and Arrival Frequencies, Approach Navigation using published approach procedures stored on Nav Data card, Terminal Navigation using SIDs/STARs from Nav Data card The WAAS systems have the same capabilities as the 400/500 systems plus more.

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