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As an effort to standardize manipulation of these items, we've added a Collection interface, which provides a consistent API for handling multiple items within a component.

The element contains itself the API, just like a native HTLM Element.

This means that Coral UI 3 Java Script construction can be done without pre-existing DOM markup, and initialization parameters are now passed as normal element attributes. In Coral UI 2, we had to interact with this data object, and set the options that it provided.

The actual gradient is controlled by the CSS CSS specificity refers to the way browsers determine which property values get applied to an element based on their relevance.

For details about this concept, review the Specificity article. Notice that the You should see that the big play button is now orange.

Note: This document assumes some knowledge of CSS and using a browser's development tools to view HTML element's classes and examine applicable CSS.

If you do not have the pre-requisite base knowledge it would be best if you work through the Quick Start to Player Customization.Also note, the first right-click displays the Brightcove Player information menu, and the second right-click will display the menu where you can choose to inspect.The challenge here is to find the class names for the elements.Custom Elements allows the developer to register new tags that serve as components that can be easily reused.This abstracts and simplifies the markup required to initialize each component and eases the process of passing options to each component. Because Coral UI 3 components are now Custom Elements, there is not a separate data object.For instance, you may want to change the color or increase the glow to bring more focus on the icon.

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