Updating instances

For more information on deployment apps, see "Create deployment apps".

A deployment app is a set of content (including configuration files) maintained on the deployment server and deployed as a unit to clients of a server class.

A deployment app might consist of just a single configuration file, or it can consist of many files.

NET MVC from Azure, Ruby hosted with a 3rd party ISV, etc).

The important point is that in all cases, the app’s code runs outside of the Share Point site collection that is consuming it.

For more information on deployment clients, see "Configure deployment clients".

Here's a recap of the key definitions: A Splunk Enterprise instance that acts as a centralized configuration manager.

In this post I will explore some of these resources and provide samples and lessons learned for optimizing the user experience of apps for Share Point 2013.

To understand the UX challenge, it helps to have some basic understanding of Share Point’s app architecture.

Apps for Share Point can be displayed in two basic ways.

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