Updating iphone after jailbreak

Unfortunately there is no word on the legality of Jailbreaking in countries other than the United States, but who’s stopping you?

You purchased your device and you’re allowed to do what you want.

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A common misconception about Jailbreaking is that it something people do to pirate apps from the App Store.

There is no denying that a lot of people Jailbreak for this purpose, but why Jailbreaking exists is certainly not for piracy.

When you update your firmware to the latest i OS version, it results in your Jailbreak being lost.

It often times takes developers weeks, if not months to bring a Jailbreak to compatibility with the latest firmware version, and as such you may not always get to experience the latest Apple i OS improvements until a later date.

No longer are you shackled by Apple’s restrictions on what type of applications are allowed to be installed.

When you Jailbreak your i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad or Apple TV you get to decide how your device functions and what types of modifications you want to do to it.

Considering Jailbreaking can extend your device’s functionality by a ten-fold, any update that Apple introduces should not match what is possible when you Jailbreak your i Phone, i Pod Touch or i Pad.

It is important to keep in mind though, that once a new Jailbreak is released you can indeed proceed to updating to the latest firmware version.

In a way you could compare Jailbreaking your i OS device to modifying vehicles.

If people want to modify their vehicle they can buy a new stereo system, swap our their rims or even go as far as installing a bodykit or painting the car a completely different color. When you Jailbreak your i OS device you can change the way it functions and completely modify how it looks.

As you can see from the infographic above, there is many things you can do to your Jailbroken i Phone, i Pod Touch or i Pad.

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