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Combo updates are standalone installers for Mac OS X system updates, available for download from the official Apple website.The easiest way to find a combo update is to directly search for it through Google.While most of these updates are relatively harmless, every new version of Mac OS X has to potential to cause new problems with your hardware. UPDATE (December 6, 2015): This guide is aimed at Hackintoshes that use Chimera or Chameleon bootloader to run Mac OS X.

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Not everything will be affected-- for instance, you probably won't need to reinstall your bootloader, except for really big updates (such as the jump from Mavericks to Yosemite).

However, you will have to reinstall the following every time you update Mac OS X: And that's all there is to it!

I only ask because I assumed that kext patching was a natural part of hackintoshing. I just got Nvidia Web Drivers working after a lot of hassle, so holding my breath on redoing the install for a bit : PBut thanks, I will definitely check it out in the future!

I went with Skylake strictly because it was more-compatible, but there's a setting in Clover that let's you set the fake CPUid to a different value.

This would fix the first issue The other is to look up the type of integrated graphics in the CPU and then the product ID or applicable setting.

I'm on mobile and not fully awake yet but I had to do the same for my Lenovo P580 laptop to get graphics working.

For instance, if you're looking for the combo update to Mac OS X 10.8.4, simply search "10.8.4 combo update".

The official page from Apple tends to be the first search result.

This installation process will take a few minutes-- once the installer finishes, it will ask you to reboot. You won't need to install the updates for 10.8.1, 10.8.2, or 10.8.3-- the combo update handles all of it for you.

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