Updating sync

If you own a vehicle with an older version of Ford Sync, you may still be able to access these features by downloading an updated version of the software.Some owners can download Ford Sync 3 updates over Wi-Fi by following these simple instructions.DO NOT press “OK” while MASTER RESET is selected unless you intend to.

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What you need: A Flash drive to download the update onto. You are looking for the MENU button, your Up-Down, Left-Right, buttons, and your OK button. An install may take up to 30 minutes, and you must keep your engine running while the software is updating (if you are running in accessory mode, the power will shut down after 20 minutes: you would have to start over). It will bring up a menu similar to this on most 2013 models, or newer.

It does not matter if it is a new or old Flash Drive, but it must be formatted to FAT32, and be empty except for the software download. It would be a good idea to pull your vehicle out of the garage to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. The text is related to the photos directly below each set of instructions. Navigate using the Left-Right and Up-Down Buttons and your “OK” button.

After doing this update, you will have to pair your phone back up with SYNC.

The process will be slightly different on an older vehicle On a 2012 Fiesta, I had to go into the PHONE menu.

Go to the apps store for you mobile platform and install the update.

Not all NAS vendons publish the lasted Sync package in their application centers.

Upon startup Sync will check for new version and notify you if any are found and suggest installing it.

If automatic installation fails for a reason, go to our site and manually download the update.

Please carefully choose between Sync Home or Sync Business.

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