Updating video driver dell dimensions Naked speeddate

PCI slots were replaced by AGP slots, which were replaced by PCI-Express or PCI-E which is the latest technology.

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The plan was to upgrade both slots with a matched set of 512MB for a total of 1GB.

Once again I started with the Dell upgrade site to get some idea of what memory I should be looking for.

Back then I never built my own computers and typically just ordered from Dell.

It was a pretty basic computer and at one point I slapped another memory stick in it. After the fun I had with my new gaming system build and upgrading Anna's computer I thought it would be fun to see what could be done with my parents old Dell. the same CPU family my previous upgrade project used (the Dimension 8200).

The card also didn't have a fan which to me was a bonus.

For the system memory the mother board only had two slots, both of witch were currently being used.I would start by taking the Service Tag (ID number) from your computer and going to .Enter the service tag and, on the following screen, click on the tab that says “Parts and Accessories.” Then look to see what, if any, upgrades may be available.The PNY card was still listed on Newegg with a rebate making it .That was close enough to what the used cards were going for that I just said heck with it and ordered a new card.I know the prices are on the high side there but it gave me a good idea of the cards I should be looking for.

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