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I think you may have uncovered the reason for my worry about updates.My fear is that the updates will be released almost a year later as I had on my 920 with Telstra.As I said, the 1 1 is another option but it really only utilises what I've outlined above. If Sony pulls support for this phone before the 18 month window, I'll be upset.

updating xperia play-90

Try contacting the seller but I don't like your friend's chances.

Also contact a Sony Service Centre, but your friend will have to pay for the repairs, I think. But, the nice thing about Android is that when the manufacturer stops supporting a device, or doesn't support it quickly enough for you, you can unlock, root and flash any of a number of custom ROMs.

Yeh the xperia keyboard is not as good as I hoped for. As for the camera I realised the 1 sec processing delay after you have taken the shot was because I have set the pictures to be installed in the sd card.

Changed back to internal it was quick instantly like an iphone6.

Try cleaning the internal with a cotton stick first?

Then maybe stuff the internal with a tiny tiny bit of cotton see if stuffs the connection solid again?

I looked through the settings (that I could find) and all I could see were skins.

Is there a popular alternate keyboard that people use?

With this phone, I would hope to get Lollipop in Q1 next year.

I would expect one more update in it's life cycle (Android M in early 2016) and then it's custom ROM time.

I purchased the phone from e Global, but I'm wondering if I can get Sony Australia to look at it.

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