Validating credit card numbers expiry dates dating voor spirituele mensen

The text box UI is more limited in its ability to prevent syntactic errors.For example, users can enter an invalid month, such as 60, which can occur when users transpose 06 for June.

Providing reasonable defaults is a good user interface design guideline.

Defaults both minimize the work required by users to enter data into software and explain the user interface by providing example values.

Inevitably, though, the choice is still arbitrary since none of these years is any more likely to be correct than the others.

Whichever default month and year value we choose, we’ll be correct for only a small number of users that happen to have cards that expire in that month and in that year.

Based on this analysis, I would recommend not using default values that are actual months and years.

Instead, use placeholder values that illustrate what data is required.

The dropdown UI is able to prevent all syntactic errors because the only values available to choose from are valid.

However, users can still make semantic errors when they enter the wrong month or the wrong year.

Credit cards use a standard expiry date format of two month digits followed by two year digits (MM / YY).

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