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It is never stored in a central server that can be hacked.User’s decide with whom their share their data with and which specific pieces of their identity they choose to share.Even the user can be given an incentive for utilizing it.

For information about the upgrade procedure from Junos Space Platform Release 16.1 to Junos Space Platform Release 17.1, see Upgrading Junos Space Network Management Platform Overview and Upgrading Junos Space Network Management Platform.

If the Junos Space Platform installation is running a version earlier than Release 16.1, you must first upgrade the installation to Release 16.1R2 and then upgrade to Release 17.1R1.

Regulations in identifying individuals, such as KYC processes required for banks, are mandated by governments to fight crime and protect users.

While governments may not be the first to try new solutions, they are inter-dependent on the private sectors that adopt them and will follow suit as observed in many countries such as Estonia.

Service providers can range from banks to airlines and airports to health care providers, merchants or educators.

They all provide a service to users that personal and unique and requires the users to authenticate themselves and/or share information about themselves.I have an old Compaq presario laptop that runs Windows XP. Today I booted up, and finally got around to putting all my old pictures on an external hard drive.THen I decided to wipe it clean by deleting the partition and re-installing Windows XP and all the HP drivers.Individual users are perhaps the greatest stakeholders when it comes to Identity.They are in charge of their identity – they own it on their own device and they choose who to share it with.Creating a Sho Card ID can be done either through the Sho Card App, or a company or entity can build in the technology into their existing Apps via Sho Card SDKs (Software Development Kit).

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