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The IRS notified tax professionals this week via email that during the next five weeks, the agency will send letters to certain e-Services product users who must either go online or call the e-Services e-Help Desk to validate their identities.

Users have the option of using two types of SOAP authentication for running the Help the Help Desk script.

Users must have the soap_ecc role to use Help the Help Desk from within an instance.

For example, if a device's name has changed, but the MAC address is the same, the CI with the matching MAC address is updated.

provides the logic for updating existing CIs or creating a new CI if no matching device exists in the CMDB. Errors introduced into this script can result in update failures or in new CIs being created for every device found.

The letter will be official notification that you must validate your identity with the IRS.

While letter recipients will have 30 days from the date on the letter to validate their identities, the IRS recommends folks take action as soon as they get a letter.

In the error message that appears, indicates that the ID is not valid and provides the hint text again.

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The valid syntax for regular-expression search patterns is extensive and allows for great flexibility; however, if you are not already familiar with regular expressions, it is strongly recommended that you study Javascript regular expressions prior to implementing evidence ID validation in your agency.

For more information about Javascript regular expressions, see the following sites: The following regular expression matches the YYYYMMDDnnnnnn format and requires that the ID begin with 20; however, it does not account for months with less than 31 days.

When field validation is enabled, the descriptor text appears as hint text in the appropriate field and as part of the error message if the user does not enter the correct format.

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