Vegetarian dating societies

She stated that vegan "denotes a person who abstains from using animal products as food".

Yet she lamented the "colossal presumption that mankind should have interfered so tremendously with the life and liberty of the harmless creatures of the earth", and she asserted that "one must eventually become independent of leather, bone, silk, wool and other animal products".

However, his primary tasks were laying the groundwork for an organized contingent and presenting their case for an herbivorous diet.

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3) Within just a few years, the definition of ‘vegan’ used by the society evolved to encompass these positions.

was pivotal to the emergence and early development of veganism.

Thus, if the curse of exploitation were removed, spiritual influences, operating for good, would develop conditions assuring a greater degree of happiness and prosperity for all..

He offered an analogy that identified the fundamental problem and suggested the necessity of abolition: "We can see quite plainly that our present civilisation is built on the exploitation of [nonhuman] animals, just as past civilisations were built on the exploitation of [human] slaves".

The society's Eva Batt wrote in 1964 that owing to a dearth of "knowledge and experience", along with an excess of "enthusiasm", some vegan "pioneers developed symptoms of diet deficiencies and a few suffered much both physically and socially" The one serious question mark over veganism has been vitamin B12, and I confess I feel there is something in the argument that this vitamin, which is never directly found but as a result of microbiological action, is important for vegan progress.

I must give my reason: some early vegans became ill and this frightened off many would-be-vegans. It appears that some human beings have lost the natural ability to use the vitamin B12 synthesised by microbiological action in their own intestines.To encourage the manufacture and use of alternatives to animal commodities.The Vegan Society seeks to abolish man's dependence on animals, with its inevitable cruelty and slaughter, and to create instead a more reasonable and humane order of society.To address a practical hurdle on some people's path to veganism, Cross founded the Plantmilk Society in 1956.After five years this effort gave rise to Plamil, a company that in 1965 began selling a canned soy milk concentrate in London shops.Cross described his objections to using cows for milk in a 1943 letter printed by [To] produce a dairy cow, heart-rending cruelty, and not merely exploitation, is a necessity.

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