Vray updating instances

See the section on Excessive memory usage below for more details.

UVW map not displaying correctly; open a new scene, set units to inches, use file link to import FBX by material, save file. It’s a good idea to do a reset X Form to Revit Geometry.

open a new scene, set units to meters, open the file, at the units mismatch warning select re scale to scene units.

Check the units, open the file in the scene’s original units, Some modifier parameters don’t translate well Sweep, clone modifier, real world scale texture coordinates, extrude etc shadows are turned off.

check shadow bias distance is correct to your scene units. maybe store scene .002 is good (2mm) in vray lights store with Irradiance map is ticked and low min max settings are set.

• Possibly corrupt geometry; • Your only option is to start a new scene and merge in your old scene into it. • Possibly not enough RAM • In Vray System tab, up the dynamic memory limit (mb) depending on how much RAM you have.

• If a piece of geometry is the culprit you can try the merge by layer script, or merge just the splines, the lights, etc, then go down the geometry list in chunks until your scene crashes, then you will know what the problem piece is. Set to roughly half or two thirds of your available RAM.

region render is on and the render res has been reduced. refraction depth is set too low and the exit colour is visible.

Check your surface normals are not flipped Check if the model uses quad chamfer modifier in the modifier stack, If there is a scene units mis match then a mm value could be taken to be a meter value.

The dome light uses importance sampling which can fix HDR related issues • If you have vray light materials in your scene consider testing switching to direct lighting Does the light have include/exclude objects set? If you have an SSD as your primary drive it can get clogged up.

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