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“One gender does not have an advantage over the other in the journey of seeking a good match.” I agree in a larger sense, if the “good match” is long term.

Bitterness and Anger usually are not things one can just say “ok I’m gonna stop being bitter and angry NOW” If that was the case…

All in all, I just think many women neglect the value of not having to take that initial step -does this mean women don’t feel pain dating?

The “right partner” could be for a lifetime, but it could also be for one night.

Actually, the fact that women don’t think about or want sex as much as men is a total myth.

I’ve know a couple girls that have had to go through some pretty rough sh*t in dating, like finding out her fiance was cheating with her female cousin…

but this girl was back on the horse in 6 months, because she just got approached so many times that eventually she just went with the flow.

Will 2017 be another stellar year for the mining space?

Humphreys says he is expecting another healthy year but warns to date these stocks and not necessarily marry them.

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I know that if I was single and felt horny, I could just walk outside and easily find several willing sex partners.

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