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When Joss Whedon’s ex-wife revealed the beloved director’s multiple infidelities — and his mealy-mouthed, patriarchy-blaming excuses — in a scathing editorial on the Wrap this weekend, it came as a shock to some of his fans.

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“We had to make it OK for people to say, ‘I think I’m being unintentionally unfair.’” Though Go Daddy still has work to do, the company is “evidence that things can change,” said Lori Mackenzie, executive director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford, which has worked with the firm.

“Oftentimes, what keeps companies from shifting is believing the existing system is already fair.

There are those who consume “respect women juice,” a sort of Gatorade for those who worship the feminine mystique.

There are still others who depict their women respect as a weaponized tactic — respect as a metaphorical bullet fired at unsuspecting women, illustrating the outsize intensity of the reverence.

“Every time Blake quotes Sheryl Sandberg or calls himself a feminist, throw something at his head,” one person shouted.

Which is why it was surprising when Irving appeared as a keynote speaker a year later, in 2015, at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing ?

And Go Daddy has become, surprisingly, a lodestar among gender equity advocates ?

an example of how even regressive cultures can change. The answer is more complicated than just stamping out overt sexism.

There’s a regular procession of headlines about sexual harassment scandals at venture capital firms and large tech companies.

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