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But I was determined to make this costume with real feathers and not with fabric. Of course, once I bought the feathers, I still had no idea how I was going to turn them into a peacock tail, much less attach it to my daughter’s back. I held a piece of a cardboard box up to my daughter’s back so I could get an idea of the size I’d need.

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I’m a guitar junkie and graphic designer, but I’m not very good with pencil and paper.

Still, I could see the end result in my mind’s eye, and that vision was enough to get me going. I won’t rehash it, but watch the video below for a tutorial that’s extremely easy to follow: Time Spent: 1.5 hours I won’t lie: I really splurged on the feathers for this costume.

She initially wanted to be Minnie Mouse — an homage to our Make a Wish trip to Disney this summer — but I knew I had little chance of being able to make Minnie’s dress, given my less than stellar sewing skills.

I searched hundreds of homemade costume ideas, but couldn’t decide on one both my daughter and I liked that I’d actually be able to make.

The Web API allows to you to create your own clients or to operate with other applications in any programming language.

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He has served as a Director of the Fund for the Arts for over 30 years and has been a Board Member of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, Prevent Child Abuse America, Kentucky Housing Corporation, Kentucky Board of Building and Housing, Louisville Civil Service Board and the Louisville Library Foundation.

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