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STRONG ISLAND Yance Ford takes us on a fragmented personal and nonchronological journey through his family history, pivoting on the events surrounding his brother’s shooting death at a Long Island auto shop in 1992.TIME TO DIE First shown in 1966 but never released in the United States, the Mexican director Arturo Ripstein’s debut feature, with a screenplay by Gabriel García Márquez and Carlos Fuentes, is a western: A man imprisoned for murder returns home, where the prospect of settling down is complicated, and the victim’s sons want revenge.EX LIBRIS — THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY A tireless chronicler of American institutions, Frederick Wiseman, now 87, documents the inner workings of one of the world’s largest and most recognizable library systems, where even phone operators are handy with Middle English, and the photo file is so detailed that it contains a folder of “dogs in action.”AGAINST THE NIGHT Among the places you might not want to go on late-night excursions with your friends, “abandoned prisons” rank roughly third, behind only “haunted abandoned prisons” and “haunted abandoned prisons once run by wardens who turned their inmates into biochemical test subjects.”AMERICAN ASSASSIN A veteran C. Sanaa Lathan, Shiva Negar and Taylor Kitsch also star in this adaptation of Vince Flynn’s best seller. BRAD’S STATUS Ben Stiller’s Brad, who works for a nonprofit, is forced to confront his self-perceived mediocrity after a college visit to Boston with his son (Austin Abrams) makes him jealous of his own former college pals’ success.

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When Agent J (Will Smith) notes that the time line has changed in the present days and Agent O (Emma Thompson) tells him that K died in 1969, he decides to travel to 15 July 1969 to save K on the next day.

Agent J has difficulties to convince the Young Agent K (Josh Brolin) with lies, but when he decides to tell the truth, K believes in his words and they seek out Boris together.

RED TREES The London-based, Brazilian-born filmmaker Marina Willer delves into the history of her family, Jews in Prague during World War II.

RYDE It was only a matter of time before the ride-sharing industry begot its own horror movie. In this case, the driver is replaced by a psychopath.

WOODPECKERS At a prison in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, an inmate (Jean Jean) begins a clandestine, sign-language-enabled courtship with a prisoner (Judith Rodriguez Perez) in the nearby women’s penitentiary. Mason Wells, a programmer at the Quad Cinema in the West Village, where the movie is opening.

THIRST STREET An American flight attendant (Lindsay Burdge) has a fling with a Frenchman (Damien Bonnard), only to have his ex-girlfriend (Esther Garrel) turn up, in the latest psychological whirlwind from Nathan Silver (“Stinking Heaven”). HISSEIN HABRÉ, A CHADIAN TRAGEDY The Chadian director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun turns to documentary for a portrait of the survivors of the regime of Hissène Habré, who was president of Chad from 1982 to 1990 and who in 2016 was convicted of torture and crimes against humanity.

EASY LIVING Adam Keleman’s debut feature is not a remake of the Jean Arthur comedy classic from 1937, written by Preston Sturges, but it does concern old movies, or at least a door-to-door saleswoman (Caroline Dhavernas) who finds them inspirational.

EMBARGO A documentary examines the history of the United States’ embargo against Cuba, making the case that the policy has been bad for both countries.

See more » Back in Time Written by Pitbull (as Armando Christian Perez), Marc Kinchen (as Marc Kinchen), Adrian Trejo, DJ Buddha (as Urales Vargas), Sylvia Robinson, Bo Diddley (as Ellas Mc Daniel) and Mickey Baker Produced by Marc Kinchen (as Marc MK Kinchen), DJ Big Syphe & DJ Buddha Performed by Pitbull Pitbull appears courtesy of Mr.

305/Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records Contains a sample of "Love is Strange" Performed by Mickey & Sylvia Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment See more » The criminal Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) escapes from the Luna Max, a moon-based maximum security prison.

INDIVISIBLE Conjoined twin singers in southern Italy weigh whether to be separated. MANOLO: THE BOY WHO MADE SHOES FOR LIZARDS Manolo Blahnik, the designer of elegant shoes for women, gets a film profile, courtesy of the fashion editor Michael Roberts, who is making his first movie. In Darren Aronofsky’s first feature since “Noah” — remember that?

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