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So why haven’t those factors had a detrimental impact on his work with Erasure? I’m just there to support him and help him with his costumes.

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For a band renowned for their entrancing, high-energy live shows, it just doesn’t make sense for the frontman to be at anything less than 100 percent.

And Erasure wouldn’t want to miss a Brighton show at any rate, a city in which they have always been received with open arms. “We usually play the Centre and the Dome is a beautiful venue.” Vince and Andy have enjoyed a very successful career together since forming Erasure in 1985 in London.

Vince had previously been a member of other bands including Yazoo (with Alison Moyet) and Depeche Mode.

If the urban legend is to be believed, Vince was Andy’s musical hero before the singer auditioned to join the songwriter in the duo.

While their last four albums have been “pop and dance records”, in Vince’s words, their most recent effort World Be Gone marks a shift in tempo and tone.

In terms of influence, they’ve delved into their own back catalogue – and specifically 1995’s self-titled record.Vince keeps an eye on the modern music scene but says he never sees the merit in comparisons between Erasure and contemporary acts.“People say, ‘this new band sounds like you’ and I think it sounds nothing like us.” Nonetheless, it seems inevitable that certain pop groups will have taken influence from Erasure in the same way that Vince was inspired by synth-based bands when he was in his twenties.“That album was full of slow, atmospheric songs,” says Vince.“It’s almost freeing to do it like that because you don’t have to worry about grooves and fitting lyrics into a certain format.“I do a Twitter account and I know that some of our fans aren’t democrats.

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