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“Your history does not have to dictate your future and as long as you are breathing it’s not too late.”Today Novak’s biggest success isn’t his skating career, best selling book or box office appearances: it’s his work to get others into treatment.In 2016 he joined Banyan Treatment Center as a national business developer.

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"My mother prayed a prayer: ' God, please cure him, kill him or kill me. Now available, our talk with addict/Jackass/skater/author/speaker... the amazing @Brandon_Novak apple.co/2Ni Zif6 pic.twitter.com/o Ek A1Ng Mg4 I keep my past married 2 my present 4 the fact that when I forget where I come from I’m destined 2 return...... #Dreamseller #addiction #recovery VIDEO @Brandon_Novak "From Yale or jail... " Youngest skateboarder sponsored by Gatorade at age 15 only to lose it all because of his addiction to Heroin ow.ly/Nm2c30ks6Rv 3 yrs sober after 13th treatment @CBS6 Watch now on Close Up: @Brucefor NH on his #NH01 campaign; @Lou Dallesandro discusses his new autobiography; recovery advocate @Brandon_Novak (pictured) discusses fame, addiction & recovery #nhpolitics via @Adam Sexton WMUR pic.twitter.com/Kvsyj9ckrq 3yrs ago today I was walking into my 13th treatment center. 😊 pic.twitter.com/b Q8t JA6k ET My friend @Brandon_Novak turns 3 this week. The media and pundits said he didn’t have a chance..there was no way that he could find lasting recovery from his heroin addiction.

lookin into the very bag that contained my worldly belongings that doubled as my pillow upon walking into my 13th treatment center. Today I stand before you with 3yrs of continuous sobriety 🙏🙏🙏 If your looking for help Call me 610-635-9092 📸 Kat Rutt @Banyan Treatment #dreamseller #vivalabam #addiction #recovery #sobriety #cky #rehab #3yrssober pic.twitter.com/8q SBIX7s Qp Help me give a big shout out to @Brandon_Novak who’s celebrating 3 YEARS in recovery from addiction TODAY!

His main task is outreach.“I help whoever, however, whenever,” he said.

It’s not just talk: Novak insisted that his personal phone number be listed in this article.

Because I didn’t know how to do any of that stuff unless it required a drink or a drug,” he said.

Novak is determined to help others realize that it’s never too late to get sober: not when you’ve been on life support for seven days; not when you’ve relapsed after 12 inpatient programs; not even when your own mother has given up hope.“The disease of addiction is not a death sentence,” he said.

In the past he wasn’t one to take advice, in part because his success, he felt, proved that he didn’t need to listen to what other people thought.“If you told me what I needed to do I’d tell you to fuck off because I know,” he recalled.

“And after all, my résumé kind of stated that I did know some things because I was a pretty successful individual.”However, underneath those successes, Novak knew that he was using external fixes to try and fill an internal void.“If the woman was pretty enough, the house was big enough, the account was high enough, the car was new enough then I must be doing well,” he said.

Bam Margera stopped by with Brandon Novak to promote 'Jackass 3D' and told Howard how he'd seriously injured himself on the film's set several times--only to see most of those stunts end up on the cutting room floor: "The only thing that made it is the broken shoulder." Bam suffered the most serious recent injury outside a bar he owns in West Chester, PA after an angry neighbor clubbed his skull with a bat: "I was bleeding internally in my head for two days." Howard asked if Bam was still together with Missy, his wife as of his last appearance, so Bam said they were married but living separately: "It's strange because it's better than ever in a weird way.

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