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She alone must get herself and the Prometheus to safety.

She has visions of a little girl, "Grace," running around the ship, playing with bubbles; and of her friends, who vocalize her worries and theories about her predicament.

Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter/Selmak Ingrid Kavelaars as Major Erin Gant John Novak as Colonel William Ronson Sasha Pieterse as Grace Craig Veroni as Prometheus weapons officer Charles Payne as Prometheus Crew Member (uncredited) While on a journey to Earth, the Prometheus makes first contact with an unfriendly ship and is attacked.

Whilst retreating to a Interstellar cloud, Major Samantha Carter is knocked unconscious.

When asked, during her on-line Lens Express chat on Monday, November 8, 1999, who she would like to portray Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in a big screen movie version, she stated that she would prefer either actress Catherine Zeta-Jones or supermodel Cindy Crawford.

due to a mechanical issue according to @MBTA_CR and is currently 30-40 minutes behind schedule. @boston25 pic.twitter.com/g VILmc Iiuo New Hampshire Fish and Game officials are looking for a bear that attacked a woman inside her #Groton, New Hampshire home.

The hallucinations of Jacob Carter and of Colonel Jack O'Neill serve as a means by which Carter confronts her personal life and her relationships (in particular when talking to 'Jack', her feelings for him).

Carter considers resigning from the Air Force so they could have a relationship, but she's not sure of his feelings for her.

As Carter checks the status of the ship she discovers that all the escape pods are gone, and theorizes that an evacuation order was given and she must have been left behind in the confusion.

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