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Mark alleges that they threatened to "destroy" him if he didn't pay them back the money he owed, and that Christian told him to be careful that his pregnant wife did not suffer another miscarriage after Nick said his brother would involve "Russians" who would "not think twice about hurting" Mark's family.

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Her parents were Serbian father, Rajko Vukadinović, and an English mother, Rachel Stephens. She spent her childhood in Melbourne and moved to the UK when she was 18.

Her interest was in singing and dancing since a very young age. Valance’s first song “Kiss Kiss” entered topped both the Australian Recording Industry Association and UK Singles Charts charts in April/May 2002.

He ultimately sold the site at a loss before development was finished and claims that Christian and Nick blackmailed him into making extortionate repayments on the loan.

He eventually paid back £37 million to the Candy brothers.

The case was sued by him against Valance and court verdict was against her.

Valance has a slim body structure standing 5 feet and 7.45 inches tall (1.71m).

The Aussie star announced her property developer boyfriend had finally popped the question to her on her Twitter account today.

Posting a snap of the moment he went down on bended knee on a beach in an exotic location, she wrote: ‘And I said YES!!! Xxxx’The photo showed Nick on one knee holding Holly’s hands in front of the words ‘Will you marry me? After Strictly Come Dancing’s final last weekend, the couple jetted off on a romantic Christmas break but refused to state where they were going.

Her statement alleges that Holly, who first found fame on Australian soap Neighbours back in the 1990s, also revealed her husband was bullied by his brother, saying: "Holly told me that Nick was being bullied by Christian, that Christian was controlling and often spoke to Nick in a disrespectful and aggressive manner."Nick began to open up and agreed that his brother often barked orders at him, Christian dominated him, but Nick being Nick used to laugh it off and say he could handle Christian."She added: "Holly used some pretty strong and fruity language to describe Christian, the gist of which was that he was rude, aggressive, dishonest and a cruel man."Emma also claims that Holly told her she "did not get on at all" with the property magnate, and that he referred to her by saying: "If she sees me coming she better f***ing cross over on to the other side of the road."Her statement claims that Holly confided in her whilst drunk at a party in Ibiza in 2012, even telling her that she had once found her husband Nick curled up on the floor and crying over the way his brother behaved towards him.

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