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You've got to hand it to Jodie – she's not letting a little thing like separating from her husband (of just eight months) get in the way of living life.

The 37-year-old bodybuilder added to her extensive ink collection by decorating her digits. Fans rushed to the reality star's feed to share their approval of the tat and offer support during Jodie's marriage breakdown."Good for you for getting out of bed and cracking on, even though your heart must be aching," praised one fan."My thoughts are with you at this stressful time.

He’s scarily obsessed with me though 😳😳😳😳…

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"It was like an amazing adrenaline rush to discover that I could get their attention. After feeling so ugly for so long, to walk into a room and have men go 'Wow! ' was just the biggest high in the world." Some insecurities have never left her, she says: "If I walk into a pub and there's a group of people in the corner laughing, I'll still assume they're laughing at me." The skimpy costumes, however - which she designs herself - helped her in her life-long mission "to prove that I wasn't ugly".

While there is no doubt that men find Marsh attractive - her latest boyfriend is Kenzie, the doe-eyed, 19-year-old member of the band Blazin' Squad and inhabitant of a recent Celebrity Big Brother household - the tricksy, twilight "celebrity" world she inhabits often appears every bit as cruel as her school.

It is peopled by footballers, glamour models, minor soap stars, reality-show contestants and boy-band singers, who hang out at London clubs such as Funky Buddha and Chinawhite, where the smell of perfume and fake tan hangs heavy in the air.

The names that circulate in Marsh's book - such as Calum Best, son of George, and the "nightclub owner" Fran Cosgrave - also pop up regularly in tabloid gossip columns, and on reality shows: both Best and Cosgrave, for example, are currently appearing with Rebecca Loos (famous for sleeping with the married footballer David Beckham) and Abi Titmuss (famous for indulging in "threesomes" with the former television host John Leslie) on a reality programme called Celebrity Love Island, the point of which is to see who ends up in bed together.

I can pretend to be a hermaphrodite if it makes you happier? Maybe I knocked him back once in a nightclub 18 years ago?!

What’s the betting @Reverend_Makers record label makes them issue a “sorry I was drunk” apology when they get wind of how they’re behaving towards a women online? The feud shows no sign of abating, not least because the tabloids continue to enjoy the alliterative quality of Jordan versus Jodie, and the suggestion of a topless catfight that it entails.Jodie's career, however, has taken a new turn, which is the reason why I am at the sprawling, oak-beamed mansion that she shares with her brother, mother and father, a scaffolding contractor, in the leafy countryside near Brentwood, Essex: she has just written an autobiography, entitled Keeping It Real, a breathless recounting of the knocks and triumphs on the rocky road to fame." Jordan took this as a hostile challenge rather than sincere homage.She rejoined that Marsh had "a nose like a builder's elbow", while Marsh stoked the antipathy by appearing with the word "REAL" pointedly written across her chest in marker pen.The expansive word "celebrity" covers a multitude of 27-year-old Marsh's identities: glamour model, reality-TV contestant, party girl, charity fundraiser and sex columnist for the men's weekly magazine Zoo.

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