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Hammer famously went belly up in 1996 -- declaring bankruptcy and in the…

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Hammer and Oprah share the same favorite piece of new technology—the i Pad. "It's unbelievable." The day before he flew to Chicago for The Oprah Show taping, Hammer says he had a meeting with Apple to pitch a new i Pad case, the ZAGGmate by ZAGG.

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He launched himself into full-fledged stardom with the 1990 release Rap artist MC Hammer was born Stanley Kirk Burrell in Oakland, California.

His father, Lewis Burrell, worked as a warehouse supervisor for several years before gambling took over his life and nearly drove the family to ruin.

So when they showed it to me I said, 'Well, Apple has to see this.'" "I'm really kind of stunned. "When he's home, he's a little more reserved," she says.

The couple has five children together, and Stephanie says he's a hands-on dad.

"On a day-to-day basis, I'm loosely involved with about eight [technology] companies that I'm excited about," Hammer says.

"Everything from advising to consulting to investing in, it keeps me busy 10 to 12 hours a day." Watch Hammer discuss a new app that turns social media into a digital magazine.

Forbes Magazine estimated Hammer's net worth at more than million in 1991.

But, just five years later, Hammer—born Stanley Burrell—was reportedly in debt to the tune of million. So I'm very happy with my decision." These days, Hammer has his own record label and still performs about 50 concerts a year.

Finley grew fond of the Burrell and eventually hired him as the team's batboy.

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