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She then figures out a way to gain cash by using gift cards from pudding cups.

When her dad finds out about her using the village bag, he sends one of his police friends to discover if she were shoplifting.

In The Ph ANTom Locker, Olive moves into Chyna's locker, thinking a ghost is haunting her locker.

Soon, Chyna discovers Lexi made her be a cheerleader so she could sabotage Chyna's audition.

She apologizes to Olive, explaining to her she was right about Lexi just using her, and ends up winning the audition, instead of Lexi.

In The Inform ANT, Chyna wants be like the other girls, have the village bag.

Since it was too expensive, her dad gives her a bag, that wasn't very pleasant.

After, the ANTs accidentally ruin the stereo, making everyone angry at them.

So Chyna sings Dynamite for them replacing the now broken stereo.Learning what will happen to her if she won, she tricks Olive back into running.The two have a little war on how the other one should win.Because of this, she helps him get his painting back.In The Replacem ANT, Chyna makes Olive become the history teacher after ruining the previous history teacher's job.In Particip ANTs Chyna and Olive have to join activities.

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