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Yesterday, Rachel pulled out of an appearance at Mastering Your Métier, a NYC event organized by Neue House. The Beyhive was threatening to come to her event and throw lemons at her, what do you want to bet?Meanwhile, Wendy Williams is spilling some tea (or lemonade) about this whole situation.

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, and its supposed references to an alleged affair Jay Z had with fashion designer Rachel Roy.

Per usual, a lot of people are chiming in on this controversy via social media.

Just in case you haven't already watched sixteen times or scrolled through Twitter in the past two days, Rachel Roy is allegedly the "Becky, with the long hair," that Beyoncé calls out in the song "Sorry," as the woman with whom Jay might have cheated on Beyoncé.

Right after aired on Saturday night, Roy posted, and has since deleted, an Instagram photo of herself and a friend in a bathroom mirror, with the friend using her phone's flashlight as "lighting" to illuminate the picture better.

“The album was released on Tidal, Jay’s streaming service, and what better way to draw attention to Beyoncé’s album release than to hint at all the speculation about past problems in their marriage,’’ a source said.

And a source who knows Roy told The Post that the designer may have eagerly inserted herself into the fray.

But she dropped the visual album on HBO during Game of Thrones weekend. And while The Beyhive loves the album, the real sh-t is going down with Becky With The Good Hair.

Most people believe Becky With the Good Hair is none other than Rachel Roy, also known as Damon Dash’s ex-wife, also known as possibly The Reason why Solange put the beatdown on Jay-Z in the elevator in 2014.

Wendy famously brought up Rachel Roy during the 2014 Met Gala controversy – Wendy was one of the first people (if not THE first) to theorize/claim that Solange gave Jay-Z the beatdown because he was dealing with Roy in some way and disrespecting his marriage. Wendy Williams isn’t buying any of the lemonade that Beyoncé is selling.

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