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Miranda has won the title of "most beautiful" for the second time.

Speaking to WHO about her career, motherhood and being a wife, Miranda confesses that the last two have priority in her life. Now that pace has slowed so I can spend the majority of my time with Flynn," said Kerr, who also runs her own skincare company, KORA Organics.

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Take one gorgeous Hollywood actor, Orlando Bloom, and one of world's hottest supermodels, Miranda Kerr, add some love and you get the cutest and most adorable baby ever, Flynn Bloom.

The Victoria's Secret angel and her 15-month-old son made their first-ever photo shoot on the cover of WHO's Most Beautiful 2012 Issue.

This guy turned out to have another phone sex girl on the side. " First of all, stop whining about feeling entitled to female attention just because you're not a raging doucher. Secondly, I am willing to warn the girl you like that you're "bad news" in exchange for a $50 Target gift card. On the other hand, once you're past your late twenties, single dads start to have serious appeal. Unfortunately, Miranda fucked this up by getting shitfaced on their date because he was so intimidatingly handsome. They share an experimental kiss in an elevator before Miranda decides, once and for all, that she is straight. The good-natured, low-key bartender who Miranda eventually marries after some makeups and breakups balances out her high-strung, Type-A nature. Robert Leeds, the funny, responsible, financially stable, awesome with children, hot as shit physician for the Knicks.

Whenever you see a cute youngish city dad putting a dinosaur Band-Aid on his kid's scraped knee, your lizard brain tells you to blow him immediately. But ultimately, while you may not agree with me, I think someone else was more suited for Miranda. Who wasn't freaked out that Miranda was a single mom. Verdict: 5 garbage cakes and one "I Love You" cookie.

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Whose career is different enough from Miranda's for her not to bring work home, but is equally impressive and high-powered.

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"I’m first a wife and a mother, and then comes work." Miranda and Orlando first met backstage at a Victoria's Secret lingerie fashion show in New York in 2006, started dating in late 2007 and secretly got married in 2010. When it comes to her achingly cute son with 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star husband Orlando Bloom, Kerr, 28, describes Flynn as being "like a little ball of sunshine. He has that look in his eye like, 'What trouble am I going to get into next?

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