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we didnt go up stairs but me and one of my friends went into the basment.

We got down there and there is a table down there and two or three towels hanging.

I also walked through the door and i swear i saw the craziest Hey Shelby, This is Alex, I am 14, and I live in Ada. The third time we were going to their on a snowmobile and fourwheeler but we figured it was to risky so we are going to go another time soon.

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I have been to this house about 5 times, me and my friends take chicks there to scare them.

But anyways this house is not haunted and nobody ever died in the house.

And the commodores built the house and they were the only family to ever live there.

And on the left side of the hosue is the biggest bee hive i have ever seen by the front door it covers that whole side of the house.

As you walk in the back sun room which is all wood.

There is stuff all over, then you walk straight into the kitchen and look to your left and there is blood all over the kitchen wall.

It was said that a cool breeze followed them around the house.

Throughout the house, the stains of blood began to appear.

I was wondering if this was the same house or if it was a different one.

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