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Intersectional, transnational, transdisciplinary analysis of women and gender. (ABC/NC grading only)Course Attributes: WGS 301 Women, Gender, and Community (Units: 3) Prerequisite: Upper division standing or consent of instructor.

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“But when you talk about your stealthy freedom a lot, that does scare them.

They don't want us, the women of Iran, to be heard.” Referring to the recent nuclear deal agreed with the US and international community, which has seen longstanding economic sanctions raised in Iran, Ms Alinejad said the government of Hassan Rouhani “can negotiate with their own so-called enemy [but] they don’t negotiate with their own women”.

Course Attributes: WGS 200 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (Units: 3) Introduction to origins, purpose, subject matter, and methods of women and gender studies and the feminist perspectives on a range of social issues affecting women.

Course Attributes: WGS 280 Introduction to Feminist Science Studies (Units: 3) Prerequisite: ENG 114 or equivalent.

How women and gender are constructed, narrated, and represented in both written and visual cultures.

Course Attributes: WGS 305 Women and Gender Studies Lecture Series (Units: 3) Prerequisite for WGS 805: WGS 700 or consent of instructor. Lecture series provides a sampling of feminist perspectives on scholarship, research, and activism including presentations, film screenings, and academic lectures on current theories and topics in the field of women and gender studies. Students who complete the course at one level may not repeat the course at the other level.) WGS 400 Research Methods in Women and Gender Studies (Units: 3) Prerequisite: ENG 214 or equivalent.She was arrested for criticising MPs at the age of 19, while pregnant, before finding work as an investigative journalist.In 2009, she fled to the UK, then to the US, where she lives with her son and husband.Topics may include imagined communities, scholarly communities, community activism, coalition politics, and other forms of feminist affinity and networking.WGS 303 Women as Creative Agents (Units: 3) Prerequisite: Successful completion of GE Areas A1, A2, A3, and B4 or consent of the instructor.“Reassure the reporting party that the production takes harassment very seriously and that s/he will face no retaliation for reporting.

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