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Our friend uses the train a lot, a commuter like myself. Note: look for big, consistent winners at the races - stock markets maybe. three IRA attacks, one faulty ship – which sank unfortunately, one spy escaping the safe house a day early, a rail crash averted – but disputed, an aircraft with a faulty fuel line – gratefully found in time, Reagan's win at the polls, an attempt on our Ambassador in Angola – averted, the Eurovision Song Contest winner – just to make a point, the Iran-Contra affair... got the idea I rang a good friend in the London CIA section, the researcher I'm supposed to co-operate with on the psychology of the Russian leadership -' 'Yes, yes, ' the P. And talk about city traders, I was one for a whole six months before starting to work for Jimmy Silo. Actually, it was how he recruited me, and not for the first time. I took a breath, a quick glance at the wall and the photographs of my kids and ex-wife. and my friend.' I caught my own image in the desk mirror; seventy years old going on twenty-five. ' 'Something along those lines.' This was now a different ball game, a very different ball game. In fact, just about the only decent friend I had ever had. I could be a dangerous alien for all you know, ' he toyed. Fair to say we got the run of the place after that.

Hell, I may have even sat opposite him, and I'm sure by the tone that it is a him. ' A thought surfaced, Jack's features hardening quickly. Donohue, fetch him as well.' When the officers had assembled in Cabinet Office Briefing Room 'A', COBRA, the Prime Minister stepped purposefully in and sat quickly, placing down her handbag. 'Kids', I repeated in my mind, they were now parents themselves. At least I appeared twenty-five on the surface, thanks to the genetically modified stem cells floating about my system, hunting earnestly for something to repair and rejuvenate. When I had come up in the lift I figured he was some sort of clairvoyant, and that he used his gift to trade the markets. Finally, Jimmy said, 'Of course, if you expose me ... And I certainly could not help your mum and others.' He opened two cans and poured me a lager, which I needed. A teenage girl with a lopsided hat and cute smile took me to one side and sat me down against a wall, re-appearing with a bottle of milk and a bundle of blankets.

The letter, a tip-off about an upcoming IRA terror attack, now had the addition of TOP SECRET stamped onto it in blood red ink. depends on it.' 'Bloody hell, ' I let out before setting about my lager. After about eighteen-years-old the production of stems slows down - enough to keep us alive and to heal wounds - but not enough to keep us looking youthful forever. When I was an old guy I was strapped to a bed and intravenously injected with stems for ten weeks, stems taken from the wombs and umbilical cords of ten ladies I made pregnant for that very procedure. 'Reading material.' He took out each book in turn and made a pile on the floor that grew to a height of three feet: history of the world, UK history, first aid, advanced first aid, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, expedition first aid, mountain rescue, UK politics, The Global Economy, principles of flight, piloting helicopters... 'You know, in years to come they'll make three prequels to Star Wars.' 'What the fuck's a prequel? With a deadly serious expression he answered, 'My life.' After a reflective beer I asked, 'Well ... ' 'Now you carry on trading the markets, you study, you travel ... I'll give you some money so that you can trade your own account, make you eventually look rich on your own, so you appear to be my business partner and not an employee.' 'R ... Next day in the papers it would say you hate your mum.' 'Little bastards. ' Jimmy explained, 'In the years ahead the tabloids will get more aggressive than they are now; they'll print anything, till some privacy laws start to take effect after 2009. On the veranda of a well-stocked bar we sat, cold beers placed down, and looked out across pure African countryside; a gentle slope down to a winding river, all sorts of animals milling about, forest in the distance and hills beyond, the sun setting.

Thirty minutes later and a buff coloured file was keenly opened by Jack Donohue at the Ministry of Defence. Everyone has stem cells, they're what builds our bodies when we're in the womb. or getting shot by irate husbands.' 'And then what do I do? I'm going to try and stop them, not least by tipping off those they aim to invade.' 'Bloody hell.' I sipped my beer as he fetched a large box. ' 'Bloody hell.' 'Your language tutors will arrive in a few weeks.' 'I'm like Luke-frigging-Skywalker being trained to use The Force.' He eased back. If someone asks you if you like your mum you'd say yes. Jimmy booked us in, speaking in German to the German owner, a room for the taxi driver arranged, then tipped his head for me to follow.

He attempted to judge the tone and the style of writing, trying desperately to glean some intelligence about the sender – his assigned task. No, the writing style had been exhaustively analysed by various linguists and experts. I firmly believe that our friend, well meaning that he is, may also be sending letters to others; Russians, Chinese... November 21st, 2035, aboard the eco-submarine Warrior III, North East of Bermuda. So is the exact mechanism of time travel – the people here can't find out by accident. from doctors that are in nursery school as we speak.' 'Bloody hell.' I sipped my beer. Sundown, sunset, afterglow and pitch black, roars of unseen animals echoing through the dark.

Magestic with a 'g', whoever the individual was, had already caused him some sleepless nights. Majestic had been the CIA campaign of misinformation about UFOs in the 1960s; a pet hobby of Jacks. Our friend was deemed to be well educated and cultured. 'Magestic' was a noun, a few references around the world, but none that seemed to be of significance or relevance. As I sat down at my cabin's small desk I knew exactly what I wanted to write, but my hand just hovered over the data pad. 'Ready to begin recording and transcribing' came a pleasant, yet detached female voice. Not to mention the million flying insects buzzing about the bar's lights.

But, thanks to my mentor I, and everyone else on the planet, had the chance of eternal youth, a subject of much debate amongst many groups, some of whom wanted me dead. With England playing in the World Cup, and tonight's match against Argentina of all countries, we were well geared up; Chinese take-away, cans of lager, ice cream slowly defrosting and some popcorn for later. All we needed was a pair of lap-dancers for half time and life would have been perfect. Second time around I stroked its chin and head and it seemed to like that more than my meal. A fully-grown lion caused me to stand and look worried, Jimmy grinning at my discomfort.

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