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She got angry on me and invited me to her barracks.As soon as I entered, I saluted her and stood in attention, a due respect to the seniors. She scolded me and asked me to kneel down in front of almost 50 girls who were 6-7 years elder to me.We live in a sea facing 3 BHK home on the shores of Arabian Sea in the city of Mumbai, the financial capital of India.

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Once I am done, she asked me to stand in the corner and left for dinner. I was supposed to let them know the length of corridor in terms of number of matchboxes. Being a person of natural dominance, she groomed me into a proper submissive and helped me learn to take orders.

Once I am done with that, I was made to do murga position, a position in which you have to bend down and touch your ears from behind without bending your knees. I was given a heavy blow on my ass every time I bend my knees. The Camp Commandant took me to the parade ground and asked me to do frog jump around the ground. I was allowed to leave only in the morning without my clothes. Now, I am proud that I am a proper submissive and fulfils my mistress to the fullest of her satisfaction. She was on the phone and taking to one of her supervisors. She released the leash from the latch and led me to the bedroom.

I was the Sargent of my contingent in Combined Annual Training Camp.

During one of the roll calls, I reported a full attendance to the Camp Commandant,a girl from Senior Division, who in turn reported to the Company Commandant.

***** I don't know how much time would have passed kneeling in front of door waiting for my mistress. She is a chief marketing researcher in one of the India's leading FMCG conglomerate.

I work as data scientist in one of the top IT firm.

I'd love to find someone to share adventures with as that's how I view life, a series of experiences and adventures.

I love to travel to experience new things and cultures, love eating at nice restaurants or at home wit..

I have to respect the order as the corps are bound to respect seniors' order.

It took me almost 2 hours to polish all the 50 pairs of the shoes. A girl gave me a match box and asked me to measure the entire corridor with that. Only after I met my mistress, I fully understood the impact of the event.

Unfortunately, the Company Commandant inspected my contingent and found one person missing.

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