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She loathed being woken from a deep sleep, and Marris knew this only too well. "You know I'm ex-" Her words instantly died on her lips, her heart freezing in place as she witnessed the fear in her brother's eyes. She had no idea where they would go, but then again, could it be much worse than catching the plague? I was hoping you could read some of the passages to me.She wondered what could possess him to do such a thing. Still, it would take a few days before they would be prepared to leave, she knew. "I will be once you are safe." Kitra's expression contorted into a look of terror as another blood-curdling shriek rippled throughout the chilly night air. Someday I would like to follow the path of the Light myself." Oh great.But she didn't plan to stick around until her home was reduced to smoldering ashes and the plague was clawing at her intestines, either. Must hurry, screamed the voice inside of Kitra's head. Seven Days Later As Kitra and Marris made their way through the village, the wails and screams of those who had been stricken by the plague could be heard coming from many of the homes that dotted the edges of the cobblestone streets in the normally quaint little town. She suddenly found herself grasping the hilt of the small sword she was carrying beneath her cloak. " "That is because she is not human," Marris replied quietly. Not to mention you had little skill with a weapon." "All right," Kitra said at last. "I will," she replied, trying her hardest to conceal her annoyance. But I intend to do it eventually." She then picked up the book her brother had handed her and began reading aloud...

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Though pessimistic and ill-tempered, Kitra is loyal to those whom she considers to be friends.

Kitra is very unstable emotionally, often wavering in her opinions when someone whom she trusts or admires attempts to influence her with their ideals. " cried the female child, arms flailing about as two attendants dragged her from her mother's bed chambers and into the sitting room beyond.Although she could barely discern what he was saying, it seemed that his anger was directed at the attendants. " she cried joyfully, throwing her tiny arms around her father's legs, waiting for him to scoop her up into his normally affectionate embrace. His normally composed demeanor had vanished, leaving only a shell of the man that Kitra knew as her father; the man who had fought bravely in the Second War; the man who claimed nothing could unnerve him. Many things came to change for the Aeldron family over the years, and those that knew them felt that either the family was simply the victim of terrible misfortune, or that perhaps the family was even cursed or bewitched in some manner.Kitra was nearly asleep when she noticed a long shadow creeping across the sofa on which she sat. But her father only remained still and trembling, as if frozen in place. Kitra's father had taken to drinking too much to soothe his never-ending depression and, in the end, it cost him his life when he took a tumble over a balcony nearly four years ago.They seemed too preoccupied with whatever was transpiring behind that door to be concerned about Kitra. "No matter what happens, you are still my daughter." He suddenly clasped his right hand over his eyes, as if trying to regain his composure. Without a word, her father swept the child up into his arms, sinking into the armchair beside him. " Kitra growled at her now four-year-old brother who was repeatedly splashing her as she waded into a cool stream on the edge of her father's estate. "But you are so funny when you're angry," the boy replied, laughing. But in spite of his mixed blood, Marris and Kitra were very similar in appearance.Every so often she could hear her father's angry voice booming from the room. After a moment, her father stooped down, facing his young daughter, grasping her by the shoulders. "And remember," he said in a choked voice, "no matter what evil may be spoken of your mother, she was a good woman." Kitra could only stare at her father, wide-eyed, unable to comprehend the message that he was trying to convey. He gently placed her upon his lap, as he would often do when he would read stories to her in the evening. Both possessed same dark hair and pale complexion that their mother bore, meaning that very few people would ever assume that Kitra's father was not Marris' biological father.Once you get here your life changes and your sex energy seethes!

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